Christmas Countdown Promo for Dec. 11 & 12

Christmas Countdown Promo for Dec 11 & 12 Soprano Diode Hair Removal 6 sessions for 10K only Sily Peel - Whitening Body Peel at 40% off! Plus free diamond peel to all clients who will purchase any service today! Just show this post and get your freebies! So hurry, special promo price can only be purchased Dec 11 and 12 only, but services maybe valid up 2 years. Call us at 8972348/ 09065459628/ 09985733348 or visit us at Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Centre 2nd floor Mila Holdings Bldg 2...

AGAS Whitening Facial

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This facial uses AGAS Concept whitening activating ingredients to reduce pigmentations, even out skin tone and whitens skin. Skin spots are caused mainly by exposure to UV radiation, hormonal changes, aging, certain medications and heredity. There are three types of skin pigmentation: Melasma, inflammatory process spots and sunspots. Most of the existing whitening products are based on the inhibition of the enzyme Tyrosinase resulting in negative side effects such as the formation of f...