Clarence Holiday Special Package

francis christmas
Are you ready for the holiday reunions? Meet ups? Gatherings? Revive your youthful glow with our Clarence Holiday Packages now! Glutathione IV 16 doses for P15k (+4 more if you avail this november) Goddess Drip (gluta vitamin drip) P17,400 for 5 doses ( save 11,600) P29k for 8 doses (save 17400) Revlite (laser whitening) buy 3 get 2 free sessions plus free diamond peel Or 3 revlite sessions plus 3 diode laser hair removal free! Fractional Laser for scars (acne, stretchmarks etc) ...


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Revlite is a new-generation Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. Its multi-wavelength system provides greater efficacy, comfort and power. It is most commonly used for removing brown age spots, “liver spots”, sun spots, melasma, photo damage, freckles, hyperpigmentation, lentigo and lentigenes and many brown birthmarks, nevus otta,keratosis pillaris and tattoos.